Current Affairs Quiz 11 & 12 January Most Important Questions

You are welcome in the current affairs session of 11 and 12 January 2024. 30 important questions which were in the headlines yesterday have been prepared for you which are in quiz format.

NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY 1646 Apprentice भर्ती के आवेदन शुरू

This will cover all types of questions and includes all international, national and local level headlines. We hope that you will correct most of the questions

Current Affairs Quiz 12 January

Ques 1: Recently, the Presidents which two countries attended the inauguration of Vibrant Gujarat “Global Trade Show” as guests?

  • Sri Lanka and Maldives
  • Mozambique and Timor Leste
  • Mozambique and United Arab Emirates
  • Germany and United Arab Emirates

Mozambique and Timor Leste

Ques 2: Who recently became the youngest Prime Minister in modern French history?

  • Emmanuel Macron
  • Justin Trudeau
  • Gabriel et al
  • None of these

Gabriel et al

Ques 3: In which city “Know Your Army Festival 2024” has been organized recently?

  • Lucknow
  • New Delhi
  • Hyderabad
  • Chandigarh


Ques 4: Recently a volcanic eruption occurred in Mount Merapi, in which country is it located?

  • India
  • Africa
  • Indonesia
  • Germany


Ques 5: National “Human Trafficking Awareness Day” is observed every year.

  • 10th January
  • 11th January
  • 12th January
  • 13th January

11th January

Ques 6: In January 2024, which of the following payments banks has applied to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for a small finance bank license?

  • Fino Payments Bank
  • India Post Payments Bank
  • Airtel Bank
  • Paytm Payments Bank

Fino Payments Bank

Ques 7: Which state of India has recently announced to build Asia’s second largest “fish market”?

  • West Bengal
  • Kerala
  • Karnataka
  • Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Ques 8: Who has recently been awarded the Golden Globe 2024 Award for the year 2024?

  • Benny Blanco
  • Selena Gomez
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Lady Gaga

Selena Gomez

Ques 9: International Purple Fest 2024, a joyous gathering promoting inclusivity and empowerment, was recently held in the vibrant land of ________.

  • Telangana
  • Rajasthan
  • Goa
  • Maharashtra


Ques 10: Who has recently written his autobiography titled “Four Stars of Destiny: An Autobiography”?

  • Manoj Mukund Naravane
  • Dalbir Singh Suhag
  • Bipin Rawat
  • Manoj Pandey

Manoj Mukund Naravan

Ques 11: ________ MPs in Rajya Sabha will retire in April 2024, before the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

  • 58
  • 68
  • 78
  • 70


Ques 12: Which of the following state government will set up “Pharma Park” in the state?

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Rajasthan
  • Madhya Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Ques 13: The Ganga Sagar Fair is a religious festival and the second largest fair in India after the Kumbh Mela. In which state is it being organized from 8th January?

  • Uttarakhand
  • Rajasthan
  • Orissa
  • West Bengal

West Bengal

Ques 14: Recently, which of the following schemes has been started by the Uttar Pradesh government in Ayodhya district under ‘Navya Ayodhya Project’?

  • Tourism Police Scheme
  • Discover Your Stus Plan
  • Buddhist Circuit Scheme
  • Paying Guest Scheme

Paying Guest Scheme

Ques 15: Who among the following has recently won the post of Prime Minister for a record fourth time in the general elections of Bangladesh?

  • Sheikh Hasina
  • Roshan Irshad
  • Nizamuddin Lashkar
  • Ghulam Muhammad Quader

Sheikh Hasina

Current Affairs Quiz 11 & 12 January

Current Affairs Quiz 11 January

Ques 1: Recently Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has started oil production from its Cluster-2 project.

  • Indian Ocean
  • Andaman Sea
  • Bay of Bengal
  • Arabian Sea

Bay of Bengal

Ques 2: What was the reason for the recent decline in India-Maldives relations?

  • Financial approval
  • Military conflict
  • Trade dispute
  • Derogatory remarks about PM Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep

Derogatory remarks about PM Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep

Ques 3: Who has recently started the program ‘From Panchayat to Parliament’?

  • Draupadi Durmu
  • Om Birla
  • Narendra Modi
  • None of these

Om Birla

Ques 4: With which organization has Indian Railways signed an agreement for ‘Green Initiative’?

  • IIT Bangalore
  • IIT Mumbai
  • IIT Delhi
  • CCI


Ques 5: Under which title has General Manoj Mukund Naravane, former Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of the Indian Army, written his autobiography?

  • Fighting Fit: My Life’s Journey
  • Warrior’s Tale: A Soldier’s Life Story
  • Four Stars of Destiny: An Autobiography
  • Stars of Victory: A Commander’s Story

Four Stars of Destiny: An Autobiography

Ques 6: Where was the ‘National PACS Mega Conclave’ organized on 8 January 2024?

  • New Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata

New Delhi

Ques 7: Who recently inaugurated the country’s first healthy and clean food street, ‘Prasadam’ at Neelkanth Forest, Mahakal Lok in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh?

  • Narendra Modi
  • Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya
  • Amit Shah
  • Rajnath Singh

Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya

Ques 8: The Union Cabinet has approved the signing of MoU between India and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID/India) to support Indian Railways in achieving ‘net zero carbon emissions’ by which year?

  • 2025
  • 2028
  • 2029
  • 2030


Ques 9: Who has etched his name in music history by setting a new world record for singing in most languages during a single concert in UAE?

  • Sonu Nigam
  • Mohit Chauhan
  • Sucheta Satish
  • Sunidhi Chauhan

Sucheta Satish

Ques 10: Who has been named as a ‘Class C’ director on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York?

  • Rajeev Shah
  • Neeraj Akhouri
  • Pramod Sharma
  • Parminder Chopra

Rajeev Shah

Ques 11: According to the recent data of the National Statistical Office (NSO), at what percent rate will the Indian economy grow in the financial year 2023-24?

  • 7.2%
  • 7.1%
  • 7.3%
  • 7.0%


Ques 12: Which company and Stanford University have introduced Mobile ALOHA, a low-cost open-source hardware system for bi-manual teleoperation?

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Google DeepMind
  • Infosys

Google DeepMind

Ques 13: On which day is South African Native National Congress (SANNC) Day celebrated every year?

  • 3 January
  • 5 January
  • 6 January
  • 7 January

7 January

Ques 14: World Hindi Day’ is celebrated every year on__________.

  • 10th January
  • 11th January
  • 12th January
  • 13th January

10th January

Ques 15: Recently scientists studied high frequency plasma waves in the upper atmosphere of Mars using data from _______’s MAVEN spacecraft.

  • ISRO
  • Roscosmos
  • NASA
  • JAXA


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